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In a challenging business environment, regular investment is needed to retain customers, control costs and stay ahead of the competition.

You need to be responsive to your customer's needs and quick to adapt. You need efficient equipment and technology and you need vehicles that you can rely on all of which takes funding.

Such funding is usually in short supply when you're growing your business.

Fortunately there is a company that specialises in finding effective Asset Finance solutions for businesses like yours - Independent Finance Solutions has tailor-made products to meet your requirements.


Asset Finance can be tailored to your precise needs as a business. Assets such as cars, computers, production plant, specialist equipment and commercial vehicles are essential to the running of your business, however as these assets tend to depreciate in value, it does not usually make sense to use vital cash reserves to acquire them outright.

With the right solutions, you can pay for them over a period of time and link the payments to the revenue generated.

Generally considered to be the most cash-flow friendly and tailored way of acquiring business assets, Asset Finance can help you reduce costs and increase profits.

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